Pomegranate Meyer Lemonade

10 Meyer Lemons zested and cut in halves. 1 pomegranate peeled and seeded 3/4 cups brown rice syrup. 1/4 cup evaporated cane sugar to rim the glass. 4 cups hot water.

Preparation: Zest the Meyer lemons and reserve half the zest for later to mix into the 1/4 cup of sugar. Cut zested lemons 🍋 in half and juice into a small bowl. This should yield about 1/3 to half cup of juice. Meyer lemons are crossbreed with orange so they are tart but slightly sweet. They are magical ❤️️! If you want a smooth lemonade, strain the juice and transfer to a glass pitcher. This is an important step and not for nothing. The Citrus oil present in fresh juice can break down petroleum based products (plastic) this can leach toxic chemicals into your food and drink. Next step will be seed the pomegranate (you can buy pomegranate seeds) I encourage fresh but for the sake of time this is a convenient step. To extract the juice, with a sieve, add the seeds and over the container with the lemon 🍋 juice, with a flat bottom object like a glass tumbler or stem of a wine 🍷 glass press down causing them to burst. Be sure you’re not wearing something that could possibly be ruined by the splatter. Juice about half of the pomegranate and reserve the remaining seeds for garnish. Next add to the glass pitcher, the brown rice syrup, lemon, pomegranate juices, zest and hot water. Stir the juice until the syrup is completely dissolved.

To serve:
Rim a glass with either water or juice from a lemon wedge. Mix cane sugar with remaining lemon 🍋 zest for Meyer lemon sugar 😍. Roll the rim of your glass in the lemon sugar and drop about a tablespoon or so of the fresh pomegranate seeds and serve on the rocks! This is also a great base for your martini, margarita, cosmopolitan, and many more cocktails or mock tails! Enjoy!